Primary & Secondary Mastery Specialist Programmes

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NW3 Maths Hub is seeking teachers/leaders with a passion for Maths from Knowsley, Sefton, Liverpool, Wigan and St Helens.



NCETM Checkpoints

The next set of #NCETMCheckpoints activities is now available. With classroom-facing slides for your Y7s and teacher notes for you, there is everything you need to assess what maths your Y7s have brought from primary school


Ready to Progress Criteria Document

NCETM/Maths Hubs are pleased to announce that a 'Ready to Progress Criteria' document has been written and has been released.  This document is a well researched, evidence based (John Hattie) resource for Primary teachers focusing on key concepts to aid recovery and build firm foundations for pupils in Years 1-6. A Secondary phase document will follow shortly. This document will help to level the playing field and provide very clear guidance on what and how to teach the most important concepts.

All Maths Hubs Work groups will support teachers and leaders in using this document effectively to ensure the children continue to have a deep understanding of Mathematics whist focusing on the key concepts. 

NCETM – Support for parents and teachers




Visit to find two new areas of the website designed to support parents/carers and teachers of primary and secondary school children. All the resources are free to access and do not require a login.

This one page guide summarises what is on offer.

As the Maths Hub National programme continues to grow Maths Hubs and NCETM are working hard to further develop how schools can engage with Maths Hubs, there is a greater clarification of each Maths Hub area and how it fits within the wider national picture.


North West Three Maths Hub  works to provide the best possible support for schools in St Helens, Sefton, Liverpool, Knowsley and Wigan Local Authority Districts.

We continue to work in collaboration with North West One, Turing (formerly North West Two), North North West, Abacus and Cheshire and Wirral to meet the needs of all schools across the region, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are close to a border.

Mastery materials

NCETM have worked with classroom-based teachers within the Maths Hubs network to produce a range of mastery materials. They provide professional development and guidance to help teachers develop a mastery approach in their classrooms and schools.

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Latest News
Maths Hub Covid Recovery Statement 

The school year 2020/21 will be substantially affected by the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. The knock-on effects on school life and teachers’ working lives can’t be predicted with any certainty. So, all Maths Hubs work will be flexible and adapt to changing realities. There’s likely to be more live online collaboration, often including use of video, for example. In addition, Work Group content will be adjusted to address schools’ recovery from coronavirus-related disruption alongside work on the central maths subject matter of each project.

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