Challenging topics for the GCSE work group

NW Maths Hub 3 would like to offer all Secondary schools the Chance to take part in ‘Challenging topics for the GCSE’ work group in 2019-20.


Within the ‘old’ GCSE there were a number of topics that consistently proved challenging for many teachers and their pupils for a variety of reasons, either that the content itself was perceived to have an inherently high level of challenge or that it was less difficult material but somehow proved difficult to teach in a way that made sense to pupils, resulting, at best, in an instrumental understanding.   With the new GCSE the list of challenging topics has actually changed little from previous years, and an evidence-based list of challenging topics arising in the new GCSE was drawn up with awarding bodies.  Nationally, Work Groups are set up to explore effective ways of teaching some of these topics, both to address the immediate needs of the incoming KS4 pupils, but also taking a longer term view by considering development in KS3.

Who should attend?

Secondary maths teachers wishing to begin or continue a programme of professional development to address the way particularly challenging topics are taught at GCSE.  Ideally two teachers from each school will attend to enable a more effective dissemination of the key findings to the rest of the department.

For further information please see flyer attached.

This programme is FREE of Charge.

How to get involved:

If you are interested in getting involved in this workgroup, please contact:

Paula Foster at  to request an EOI (expression of interest) form quoting NCP19-19 Challenging Topics.

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