North West 3 Maths Hub Primary Teaching for Mastery Specialist – RECRUITMENT NOW OPEN

NW3 Maths Hub are now recruiting for the Primary Mastery Specialists in the following areas: Liverpool, St Helen’s, Knowsley, Wigan and Sefton:

Primary Mastery Specialist Programme Cohort 6 (2020/21) – The NCETM and Maths Hubs are now seeking to recruit a sixth cohort of expert primary school teachers to develop and work as Primary Mastery Specialists. The document attached gives information about the programme and how teachers and their schools can apply to be involved. The closing date for applications is Monday 15 June at 5pm.

Expectations of participating teachers and their schools:

  • For teachers selected to be part of the programme, there are the following expectations of them and their schools:
  • The headteacher and Mastery Specialist commit to developing and embedding maths teaching for mastery approaches across the school, supported by professional development activity, including regular TRG meetings in their own school.
  • The headteacher commits to supporting the Mastery Specialist with their outreach work with other schools in ensuring that they are given appropriate release time.
  • The Mastery Specialist commits to developing their understanding and practice related to maths teaching for mastery including: by participating in the three two-day residentials (subject to final confirmation)
    • developing maths teaching for mastery within their own class
    • completing any assignments required as part of the development programme
    • developing their role as a leader of professional development.

The Mastery Specialist commits to all aspects of the role and the release time required: 2020/21: 15 days; up to 33 days per academic year until 2023; including:

  • supporting teachers within their own school, leading regular TRG meetings and collaborative activities between schools
  • running a pilot TRG with interested schools (2020/21)
  • leading the development of teaching for mastery in their hub in 2021/22 and 2022/23
  • collaborating with the Maths Hub’s leadership and Mastery Specialists.

The headteacher commits to support the Mastery Specialist, including:

  • helping the specialist develop and embed teaching for mastery within the school
  • ensuring the teacher receives the required release time.

The Mastery Specialist and headteacher will provide any reports required by the Maths Hub and participate in any evaluation processes required.

In the development year, 2020/21, your Maths Hub will fund the cost of 15 days release time for the Mastery Specialist’s work and the cost of travel to the NCETM launch conference. There will also be some financial assistance to help schools purchase textbooks from the DfE approved list. In 2021/22 and in 2022/23, your Maths Hub will fund the cost of up to 33 days release time for the Mastery Specialist’s work and the cost of travel for school support visits.

How to apply
Applicants, in conjunction with their headteacher, should complete and submit the application form by Monday 15 June 2020 at 5pm. The application for is submitted via the link in the attached document directly to NCETM. You will receive an automated confirmation that your application has been received. Your Maths Hub will then contact you with more details about the selection process.

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